Peppa Pig Party Ideas

Peppa Pig Party Ideas

Peppa Pig is one of our favourite pre-school party themes and to celebrate the arrival of our brand new Peppa Pig party supplies, today we’re going to show you how to throw a super special Peppa Pig birthday party!

This bright and colourful party theme is perfect for young children who are fans of the show and gives you the perfect opportunity to mix and match official Peppa Pig partyware with some unique party DIYs!

So whether you’ve already chosen this party theme or you’re still looking for inspiration, read on for Peppa Pig themed table decorating ideas, party games, party food ideas and more!

Planning your Peppa Pig birthday party

Choose your tableware

Getting hold of some themed tableware is the first step of planning your Peppa Pig birthday party. It’ll be the foundation of your party and give you a good colour scheme to work from.

We chose these cute and colourful Peppa Pig party supplies featuring Peppa and George, and then used the colours on the plates to choose the rest of our colour scheme. A multi-coloured colour scheme works great for Peppa Pig so anything goes – red, green, blue, yellow, pink… it’s up to you!

Peppa Pig Tableware

Get crafty with decorations

The next step of our Peppa Pig party ideas is decorations! Peppa *has* to feature heavily in your decorations so we’d recommend mixing and matching some official Peppa Pig balloons (and maybe some Peppa and George cuddly toys!) with a couple of DIY party decorations.

Peppa Pig loves splashing in muddy puddles, so a muddy puddle wellington centrepiece would be perfect! All you need is some brown felt cut into the shape of a puddle and a pair of wellingtons (we’d recommend choosing pink, green or blue to match the rest of your partyware). Then pop some flowers in each welly and you’re all done!

Peppa Pig Wellington Centrepiece

Make your own Peppa Pig pom poms

You could even make you own Peppa Pig pom poms – which is much easier than it sounds! All you need is some paper pom poms in pink, green and bluea pack of Peppa Pig masks and some pink cardboard.

Simply assemble your pom poms and use sticky tape to fasten a mask to the string that will be used to hang each one from the ceiling. Then cut some hands and feet out of pink cardboard and stick them on! Fluffing out a pom pom can be quite time-consuming so we’d recommend making these the day before your party.

Peppa Pig Pom Poms

Peppa Pig party food ideas

Now your Peppa Pig party decorations are all done, it’s time to think about party food! Themed party food always makes a buffet extra special and it doesn’t take more extra work. Here are our favourite ideas for a Peppa Pig birthday bash:

  • M&S Percy Pigs
  • Pink chocolate pigs
  • Pink lemonade
  • Turn ordinary pink cups into pig snouts by drawing two black nostrils on the bottom of each cup
  • Make cookies using farm animal cookie cutters
  • Serve your food in cute mini favour pails like these

Peppa Pig Party Food

Plan some fun party games

Finally, make sure you’ve got a good selection of party games up your sleeve to keep everyone entertained! Here’s a selection of our favourite Peppa Pig party games:

Pin the tail on the piggy

This game puts a fun twist on the classic kids’ party game pin the tail on the donkey! All you need is a cardboard cutout of Peppa Pig, blue tac and some pink cardboard to cut into the shape of a tail. Give each child a tail with their name on and one by one let them take it in turns to stick Peppa’s tail in the right place while blindfolded. Whoever sticks theirs closest, wins a prize!

Oinking contest

An oinking contest can be lots of fun – simply get your guests to practise their best oinks and give out prizes for the loudest, most realistic, etc.

Welly wanging

This game will be perfect if you’re lucky enough to hold your party outside. All you need is a couple of pairs of wellies, plenty of space and something to mark out the starting line. One by one let the children fling a welly and whoever’s travels the furthest, wins a prize!

And there you have it – plenty of Peppa Pig party ideas for your next birthday party! Visit Party Delights to browse our full selection of Peppa Pig party supplies or stay on our blog for even more kids’ party ideas: