Paw Patrol Party Ideas

Paw Patrol Party Ideas

It’s Paw Patrol to the rescue! And today we’re throwing a “paw-some” Paw Patrol birthday party with Rubble, Chase, Marshall and the rest of the gang.

The perfect party theme for pre-schoolers and young children, our Paw Patrol party incorporates all your child’s favourite characters from the smash-hit TV show with easy decorating ideas and party game for you to try at your party.

No job is too big for the Paw Patrol gang… Keep reading our Paw Patrol party ideas for inspiration!

Setting up your Paw Patrol birthday party

Choose your tableware

The first of our Paw Patrol party ideas is to pick out some themed tableware! It’s the foundation of every kids party and it’s an easy way to turn your party theme idea into reality.

For a Paw Patrol birthday party like this, we’d recommend choosing a selection of official plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths that feature all the characters from the TV show. We chose red cutlery to match the plates and put a Paw Patrol straw like this in each cup so each child can be a different character. Plus, it’ll make it easier to remember whose drink is whose!

Paw Patrol Tableware

Put up some Paw Patrol party decorations

Next up is party decorations! It’s great to have themed decorations like these featuring the Paw Patrol pups but try not to go overboard with really busy designs.

To make your best decorations stand out, mix and match them with plain coloured lanterns, garlands and bunting. We’d recommend picking out a couple of colours from the official partyware (like red and green) and using those to balance things out.

Paw Patrol Decorations

Blow up some balloons

No kids’ party is complete without balloons and if you put them up as decorations, your guests could even take them home with them after the party!

We love this balloon featuring the whole Paw Patrol gang and this dog airwalker balloon that comes with a lease to make it look like your child’s taking it for a walk!

Paw Patrol Balloon

Put out some Paw Patrol themed party food

Next up in our Paw Patrol party ideas is party food! And for a kids’ party like this, it’s really easy to keep your food on theme.

Cupcakes are an kids’ party staple and you can put a puppy twist on homemade or shop-bought cupcakes by popping a paw print sugar decoration like this on top of each one.

Paw Patrol Cupcakes

You could even make puppy cookies with this cute dog-shaped cookie cutter! It’ll be puppy love at first sight when your guests see your buffet and if you’re not much of a baker, you could use it to cut out your sandwiches for some easy dog-shaped treats!

Dog Cookie Cutter

Play some Paw Patrol party games

Once all your food preparation and decorations are done, it’s time to think about party games! To make sure your kids’ party is a success (and to keep all the youngsters entertained) it’s always a good idea to have a couple of games and activities up your sleeve before everyone arrives. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

Cat, cat, DOG!

This is the cat and dog version of duck, duck, goose. Get all the children to sit in a circle and choose one child to be ‘it’. This child must walk around the circle, patting each person on the head and saying ‘cat’ each time.

When this child pats someone on the head and says ‘dog’, the child who’s sat down must stand up and chase the other child around the circle to try and catch them. If the child who’s it reaches the other child’s space in the circle and sits down before they get caught, the other child is ‘it’.

Pin the tail on the dog

This is another fun way to put a puppy spin on a classic party game! All you need is a poster of a dog with the tail cut out. Stick a small piece of blue tac on the tail and one by one the children must take it in turns to pin the tail on the dog while blindfolded.

Barking contest

This is a really funny game – the children must take it in turns to do their best bark and the adults award points for the silliest, the most realistic, the funniest, the loudest, etc.

Make sure you’ve got some prizes on hand for the winners – we love these cute Paw Patrol rosettes.

Give each guest a party bag

Finally, the last of our Paw Patrol party ideas is themed party bags!

We filled these official Paw Patrol party bags with sweets and small toys like Paw Patrol rubbers, whistles and bracelets. Fill yours with whatever you want but some themed treats are always add a nice touch to the end of your party.

Paw Patrol Party Bags

We hope we’ve given you enough Paw Patrol party ideas to throw a “paw-some” party! For even more kids’ party ideas, take a look at: