New Year’s Eve Balloon Countdown

New Year's Eve Party Ideas - Balloon Countdown

Get the new year off with a bang with this fantastic New Year’s Eve party idea that will certainly liven up your end of year celebrations – a balloon countdown!

The idea is simple – pop a balloon every hour and get everyone more and more excited for the final countdown at midnight. And each time you pop a balloon, it’ll rain confetti!

What you need:

  • Six balloons
  • Confetti
  • Marker pens
  • Drawing pins

What to do:

Making an NYE balloon countdown is easy. Simply fill each balloon with a handful confetti by poking it in with a pencil (just be careful not to make any holes in the balloon or you won’t be able to blow it up!)

Then blow up each balloon, write on the time you’re going to pop it (we did every hour from 7pm until midnight) and then stick it on the wall with a drawing pin. If you don’t want to put pins in your wallpaper, we’d recommend attaching your balloons to a piece of cardboard. Then when the clock strikes the hour, grab a safety pin and get popping!

Watch the video below to see our New Year’s Eve balloon countdown in action:

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