Mickey Mouse Party Food Ideas

Mickey Mouse Party Food Ideas

Loved by generations of children, Mickey Mouse is one of our favourite kids’ party themes!

And if you fancy being a little more adventurous with you buffet food than sandwiches and sausages, take a look at our round-up of Mickey Mouse party food ideas!

Mickey Mouse birthday cake

First things first- every party needs a birthday cake! And we absolutely love this Mickey Mouse cake we found on Pinterest!

You may have seen this type of Kit Kat cake flying around on Facebook – all you need to do is make one large round cake and two smaller ones for the ears. You’ll need 3 or 4 layers for each cake and once you’ve put the whole thing together, surround it with Kit Kats!


Mickey Mouse cake balls

Or how about these Mickey Mouse cake balls for an easy and very tasty party snack?

Simply follow an easy Oreo truffle recipe like this and instead of covering each truffle with chocolate, melt some red and yellow candy melts to cover the rest. Then arrange them on a tray in the shape of Mickey Mouse!


Mickey Mouse rice krispee cakes

There are so many brilliant Mickey Mouse party food ideas on Pinterest – including these cute Mickey Mouse rice krispee cakes!

Simply make your rice krispee mixture and if you don’t have a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, roll up large and small rice krispee balls and stick them together to make the shape of a mouse!


Minnie Mouse cupcakes

Next up are these adorable Minnie Mouse cupcakes – because we can’t forget Minnie!

Bake a batch of chocolate cupcakes in cute red and white polka dot cupcake cases like these and pipe some white icing on top. Then tie a small red ribbon and pop it on top with two mini oreos for the ears!


Mickey Mouse cake pops

The possibilities for Mickey Mouse party food are endless and one of our favourites is these adorable Mickey Mouse cake pops!

This isn’t the easiest party food idea but if you’ve got a cake pop maker and you’ve got a steady hand, then perfect!


Mickey Mouse oreos

Finally, here’s one of the easiest Mickey Mouse party food ideas – Mickey Mouse oreos!

Simply dip half an oreo in melted red candy buttons and use white writing icing to draw on two trouser buttons. Then lay them on a plate with mini oreos for the ears!

And there you have loads of Mickey Mouse party snacks to impress your guests! Head over to Party Delights to stock up on Mickey Mouse party supplies or stay on our blog for even more themed party food ideas:



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