Mad Scientist Party Ideas

Mad Scientist Party Ideas

If you’re mad about science, then you’ll love the mad scientist party that we’re throwing today!

From decorating ideas and party food to easy science experiments that you can try at home, we’re getting all scientific about science parties!

Grab your lab coats and goggles and read on for inspiration!

Planning your science themed party

Pick a date and send your invites

Start your mad science party by picking a date and sending your invites! We’d recommend sending them around 6 weeks in advance to make sure everyone’s free and make sure you match them to your decorations to give everyone a little hint about what the party theme will be. These mad scientist invites would be perfect!

Pick up your party essentials

Next, pick up all the essential things you’ll need to get the party started like paper plates, cups, napkins and most importantly, decorations!

We chose our favourite items from our Mad Scientist party supplies – anything with test tubes, atoms, molecules or beakers would be perfect for this party theme. Blue and green are the perfect colours for a science party so you could even mix and match your themed partyware with green and blue partyware like this that adds a bright splash of colour.

Mad Scientist Party Supplies

Decorations for a science party

Now for the fun part – decorating! Here are our favourite decorating ideas for a science party!

Blue foil door curtains

These blue foil door decorations are an easy way to transform your party venue into a science laboratory. Hang them in the doorways to make it look like your guests are entertaining a top secret science lab when they arrive at the party!

Anything blue or green

The whole point of a science themed birthday party is to make science fun for kids, so make sure you add plenty of splashes of colour! Bright blue or green banners, garlands, paper fans, pom poms and lanterns would be perfect – take a look at all our science party decorations here.

Molecule hanging decorations

We also love these molecule hanging decorations – they’re ideal for hanging down the walls or from the ceiling.

Mad Scientist Party Decorations

Party food ideas

Once all your decorations are sorted, it’s time to come up with some party food ideas that all your budding scientists will love! Here are some of our favourites.

Sweets in beakers

For a science party theme we love the idea of serving sweets in beakers and test tubes (a great place to get some cheap ones is Amazon or eBay). Fill them up with different coloured sweets to make them look like elements in a science experiment!

Periodic table cake

You’ll need a lot of patience for this party food idea but we promise it’s worth it! All you need is a

Mad Scientist Party Drinks

Science party experiments

No science lab birthday party is complete without a couple of fun experiments, and there are loads of easy ones that you can try at home. Here are some of our favourites!

Baking soda volcanoes

This science experiment is super fun and barely takes any preparation at all. All you need is some empty plastic 2 litre bottles, some soda water and some vinegar.

Start by adding two tablespoons of baking soda to each bottle, followed by some vinegar. Then stand back and watch the eruption!

Top tip: This experiment can get messy so it’s best done outside!

Mad Scientist Party

Walking on eggshells

This amazing trick demonstrates just how clever nature is! All you need is two cartons of 12 eggs with the round side of each egg facing upwards to give you a fairly even surface to stand on. Make sure there are no cracks in any of the eggs and then remove your shoes and socks.

Ask a friend to help you as you stand on the first box of eggs (laying your foot down as flat as possible to distribute your weight evenly). Then place your other foot on the second box of eggs and voilà! You’re walking on eggshells!

Clean pennies with vinegar

This easy science experiment is an old favourite! In the run up to your party, collect some old pennies (make sure they’re not shiny). Then pour a quarter of a cup of white vinegar and one teaspoon of salt into a non-metal bowl.

Stir it up, add five pennies to the bowl and count to ten slowly. Then remove the pennies, rinse them in water and admire how shiny they are!

Ready to throw your own mad scientist party? Pick up all the science party supplies featured in this post here or stay on our blog for more inspiration!



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