How to Plan the Perfect Vintage Tea Party

Vintage Tea Party Ideas

Who’s for a spot of afternoon tea?

Today we’re going to show you how to uphold this fine British tradition with our advice on how to throw the perfect vintage tea party.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, Mother’s Day or just having a get-together with friends, keep reading for all our quaint decorating tips, truly scrumptious food ideas and tips on how to be the perfect host. The essential list of vintage tea party ideas starts here!

Choose the right setting

Now we don’t want to jinx it but if you’re lucky enough to have good weather on the day of your party, why not take it outdoors? The sunshine makes everything look prettier and it’ll give your tea party a real quaint, traditional garden party feel.

Whether you’re hosting your party indoor or outdoors, dressing the table with a cute floral tablecloth will instantly give it the right tea party look and give you a good basis to build up your decorations.

Vintage Tea Party Ideas

Send out actual invitations in the post (not on Facebook)

We spend so much time online that it’s quite exciting receiving something special in the post nowadays. Plus it can be quite difficult getting a whole group of friends together in the same place at the same time so it’s a good idea to send out your invites a couple of weeks in advance.

If you’re feeling particularly creative you could make your own invitations but by all means, do set up a Facebook event as well to jog people’s memories nearer the time!

Serve your food on vintage crockery

Vintage crockery would be perfect for a tea party but if you don’t happen to have any lying around (why would you?) fancy paper plates are a good cheat. They’ll give you a lovely classic look and they’ll save on the washing up afterwards.

Vintage Tea Party Ideas

Bring out the bunting

Decorations are one of the most important parts of a vintage tea party. Bunting has ‘quaint’ written all over it and it works well for an indoor or outdoor party as it can be hung in the trees, along the fence or on the wall.

If you’re hosting your party outdoors, try hanging some cute paper lanterns from the trees and putting some fresh flowers on the table to create a real old-fashioned garden party look.

Keep calm and have a cupcake

The beauty of a vintage tea party is that the menu doesn’t need to be overcomplicated. It mostly revolves around finger food so little sandwiches, cakes and pretty cupcakes will be your staples. We’d recommend keeping your food simple yet tasty and going to town on the presentation (which for is just as exciting as the food!)

Something like this Truly Scrumptious spiral cake stand will really wow your guests and work as a fantastic table centrepiece. And a couple of tiered cake stands along the table will make sure everyone can reach the delicious food you’ve served and create a sociable atmosphere when you’re eating.

Truly Scrumptious Spiral Staircase Cake Stand

If you’re not sure what to serve your guests, here are a couple of ideas:

  • Finger sandwiches (cream cheese and cucumber with the crusts cut off if you’re feeling really fancy!)
  • Mini quiches (these taste good hot or cold)
  • Scones with jam and clotted cream
  • Classic cakes like Victoria sponges and Bakewell tarts
  • Cupcakes (maybe even served on their own individual cupcake stands!)
  • Tea (either a classic like English Breakfast Tea and Earl Grey or something a little different)

We hope we’ve given you plenty of inspiration for your vintage tea party – you’ll find even more over on our main site.  To keep up-to-date with all our latest party ideas, simply follow us on Facebook!