How to Make Shamrock Balloons

How to Make Shamrock Balloons

These shamrock balloons make brilliant St Patrick’s Day decorations – and they only take a few minutes to put together!

All you need for this quick and easy party DIY is green heart-shaped balloons and gold ribbon. Read on to find out how to put them together!

What you need:

Step 1

First things first, pick up as many green heart balloons as you need. Shamrocks have three or four leaves so make sure you have three or four balloons for each shamrock.

Shamrock Balloons - What You Need

Step 2

Next, blow up your green balloons with helium or air. We’d recommend helium if you want your shamrock balloons to float but air is fine if you’re going to stick them to the wall as a St Patrick’s Day party decoration.

Green Heart Balloon - Shamrock Balloons

Step 3

Now it’s time to tie your balloons with gold ribbon together to form a shamrock! It’s handy to have someone on hand to help with this stage to stop your balloons floating away.

Try and tie them together as closely as possible to avoid any gaps between the shamrock leaves.

Shamrock Balloons Step 2

And voilà! Your St Patrick’s Day shamrock balloons are finished! Wasn’t that easy?

Shamrock Balloons

If you like to have a go at this St Patrick’s Day craft yourself, visit Party Delights for all the balloons and accessories you need. And for even more St Patrick’s Day party ideas, stay on our blog:



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