Easy Pennywise Make-Up Tutorial

Pennywise Make-Up Tutorial

Scary clowns are BACK for Halloween 2017 and with the recent release of Stephen King’s IT, we’re expecting to see lots of you dressed up as Pennywise this year!

The face paint is easily the most important part of this costume; after all, the film’s only been out for a few weeks and Pennywise the clown is already instantly recognisable!

So for anyone putting their IT costume together, we’ve made this five-minute Pennywise make-up tutorial to show you how to do this iconic scary clown face paint design. And it’s a simplified version so absolutely anyone can do it – even beginners!

Five-Minute Pennywise Make-Up Tutorial

Head over to our YouTube channel to watch our step-by-step Pennywise face paint tutorial – along with lots of other easy Halloween make-up videos.

What you need to create this look

What to do

  1. Paint your face white.
  2. With a brush, paint your eyelids black and blend it out with a sponge.
  3. Add a small amount of black face paint under the eyes and smudge out.
  4. Mix black and white face paint and use this to draw cracks around the face.
  5. Paint your lips red.
  6. With red face paint, draw a line from the centre of each eye down to the corners of your mouth.
  7. Extend the lines up above the eyes and finish on a point.
  8. Paint the tip of your nose red.
  9. Outline the red areas with black face paint for more definition.
  10. With a damp bush, press red glitter over the red face paint.
  11. Add a red wig!

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