DIY Dark Angel Costume for Halloween

DIY Fallen Angel Costume

Making your own costume is half the fun of Halloween…

So to celebrate the launch of our new DIY costume kits, today we’re going to show you how to put together this spooky DIY dark angel costume!

You’ll find all the main costume essentials in this handy DIY dark angel kit, which you can customise with your own black dress and make-up. Perfect for anyone looking for a unique Halloween costume idea this year!

How to make your own dark angel costume

Black dress

The beauty of this DIY costume is that it starts with a black dress, which most people already have in their wardrobe. This is perfect for keeping the cost down!

Dark eye make-up

Once you’ve picked out a dress, blacken your eyes with dark eye make-up. It’s an easy way to create a spooky look and it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfectly neat!

Wings & a halo

Next, you’ll need the black wings and halo, which you’ll find in our DIY dark angel costume kit. You could make this look even more striking with a long white wig but that’s totally up to you!

Dark Angel Costume

Lace gloves

Next, add a pair of lace gloves like this. They add a touch of elegance to the costume and turn it into a slightly gothic look!

Dark Angel Costume Ideas

And that’s it – your homemade fallen angel costume is complete!

Pick up this DIY costume kit at Party Delights to re-create this easy Halloween look at home.

Fallen Angel Costume Ideas

And for even more Halloween costume ideas, stay on our blog! 



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