5 Fun Dinosaur Party Games & Activities

Inflatable Dinosaur

If you’re throwing a dinosaur birthday party, it’s not complete without some fun dinosaur party games to get the party started!

Today we’ve put together our favourite dinosaur party activities to give you all the inspiration you need for a party your little dinos will love. All our ideas come from our brand new party ideas which are full of decorating tips, food ideas and everything you need for a cracking dinosaur birthday bash.

But games are the most fun part of throwing a party and we’ve got some brilliant ideas we can’t wait to share with you!

Dinosaur egg hunt

We LOVE egg hunts and last Easter we suggested hiding fillable eggs with a toy inside as a great alternative to chocolate eggs. And if you’re throwing a dinosaur party, you can do the same with dinosaur egg toys like these ones.

Simply hide them around the house or the garden for the children to find and if you’re feeling kind, download our free printable dinosaur egg hunt signs to give them a couple of clues as to where they’re hidden!

Dinosaur Egg Hunt Party Game

Cookie decorating

Next up in our dinosaur themed games is cookie decorating. It’s always a good idea to have a couple of calmer party games up your sleeve just in case your dinos start getting a little too boisterous!

Cookie decorating is perfect because you can bake the cookies in advance and decorating them is fun for almost any age. All you need to decorate these cookies is a dinosaur cookie cutter like this one and some ready to roll icing in a variety of colours. Simply roll out your icing and get cutting!

Dinosaur Cookies for a Dinosaur Birthday Party

For even more dinosaur cookie ideas, check out how to make these cool dinosaur fossil cookies using a basic cookie recipe and a dinosaur toy to make the footprints!

T-Rex piñata game

Piñatas are one of our favourite party activities and we’ve got a great way to turn a traditional piñata into a fun dinosaur themed party game. Simply download our free printable stars and hide them inside your T-Rex piñata with all your sweets and toys.

Then each child takes it in turns to hit the piñata and whenever a star falls out, they win a special dinosaur-themed prize!

Dinosaur Piñata Game for a Kids Birthday Party

Hatch the dinosaur game

Hatch the dinosaur is a brilliant dinosaur party game to play on a budget as you don’t need much; just a pack of balloons, some confetti and about ten small dinosaur toys. Fill ten of your balloons with small dinosaur toys like these ones and some confetti, and then fill the rest with just confetti. (This is best done a couple of hours before the party because it can get quite fiddly).

When you shout go, the kids must pop as many balloons as they can to try and find all the dinosaurs. Whoever collects the most dinosaurs wins a prize! Make the game harder for older children by filling even more balloons with just confetti.

Hatch the Dinosaur Kids Party Game

Dinosaur hide and seek

Finally, how about a bit of dinosaur hide and seek? Inside of hiding a person, you hide a dinosaur bone like this one and whoever finds it wins a prize. This can be as easy or as hard as you make it, making it the perfect dinosaur party game for pre-schoolers and older children alike.

Dinosaur Hide and Seek Party Game

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