Day of the Dead Makeup Tutorial

Day of the Dead Makeup Tutorial

Sometimes when it comes to Halloween, you don’t want to dress up too scary and you know what? That’s absolutely fine!

But getting into the spirit of Halloween and still getting dressed up is all part of the fun and so today I thought I’d show you a less spooky makeup tutorial for the Party Delights Sugar Skull Candy Cat costume, also known as a ‘Day of the Dead’ makeup look!

The Day of the Dead has always been one of my favourite Halloween looks and since I’ve known about these guest posts, I’ve been so excited to do this look for you all (even if I don’t look too enthused in the photos).

Step 1 – White base

The first step for creating a day of the dead look is to completely white out your face. For this I have used the Snazaroo white face paint which is available on Party Delights (as are all of the other face paints I will be using today).

I achieved this all over look by using a damp makeup sponge and dabbing the white face paint all over my face (you can also do this all along your neck to blend this in with your outfit). For this stage you want to make sure that all of your features are whited-out including your eyelids and eyebrows!

Day of the Dead Makeup Step 1

Step 2. Main black details

For this next step you will need a fine face paint brush and black Snazaroo face paint to completely black out your eyes. First, start by drawing around your eyes in a sort of off-circle / egg shape, tapering in at the inner corner of your eye and then filling this in with the black face paint. You want to get as close to your eyes as you can here to ensure this has maximum effect.

Next up you will need to paint your nose black to give you more of a skeletal look. To ensure you make this look as ‘realistic’ as possible you will need to draw your outline from the base of your nose on either side and bring it in to a point on the bridge of your nose. To make this easier for yourself, it’s a good idea to start by painting a straight line from where you want your point and nose to end, to the end of your nose and join up the lines – then just fill in the rest of your nose with the black paint!

At this stage you can also draw two thin black lines from either side of your mouth, these will need to be straight from the corners of your lips up towards the top of your ear lobe. We’ll be doing more with this later!

Day of the Dead Makeup Step 2

Step 3 – Day of the Dead decoration

Known for their colour, Day of the Dead Halloween looks often have some kind of decoration around the eyes. For this look, I decided on red circles to contrast against the black and white of the base paints.

This red is also from Snazaroo on Party Delights and I applied this by using the bottom of one of my makeup brushes to ensure that each of my circles were the same size and shape. You can however just roughly paint this yourself using another thin defining paint brush as it doesn’t need to be perfect! I also used the same thin definer brush from step 2, to paint on a little upside down heart in between my eyebrows for a little more decoration.

Day of the Dead Makeup Step 3

Step 4 – Final touches

For the final step of this Day of the Dead makeup look, it’s all about the final details. Using the fine liner brush and your black Snazaroo again, go in and add a couple of ‘prettier’ details such as the swirls on the forehead and around the nose. This is also the time to do something along your chin and neck – I opted for a spiders web here to ‘Halloween’ it up a bit but you could also inject a little more colour by doing a rose and leaves along the chin.

As you can see in the final full outfit photo, I also dotted a couple of more colourful touches to my forehead and nose between the black swirls, which I really think tied the colours of my outfit and the makeup together! The last step to this tutorial is then of course the teeth/mouth area! I did this quite simply by painting short thin black lines vertically along my mouth and along the horizontal lines we drew in earlier!

Day of the Dead Makeup Step 4

And that’s it! It’s by no means the most artistic of all Day of the Dead / sugar skull looks, but for a quick and easy, do-it-yourself Halloween makeup tutorial, I’m pretty darn proud of it! As I mentioned above, I paired this makeup look with the Sugar Skull Cat costume from Party Delights and I am loving this look for a non-scary Halloween look!  It would be great if you would pop along to my blog too and see what other Halloween theme posts I’ve got coming along from you!

Party Delights Day of the Dead Costume

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