Best Witch Costumes for Halloween 2016

Best Witch Costumes for Halloween 2016

There’s no reason why wicked witches can’t look good!

Read our round-up of this year’s best witch costumes to find a truly spellbinding costume for Halloween. And learn how to put the finishing touches on your costume with our easy witch face paint tutorial.

Read on for inspiration!

This year’s best witch costumes

Pumpkin witch

Let’s start with our favourite witch costume for trick or treaters – pumpkin witch! Perfect for toddlers, your little one will be sweet as pumpkin pie and far too cute to spook!

Pumpkin Witch Toddler Halloween Costume

Pretty potion witch

Next is our favourite witch costume for grown-ups – pretty potion witch! Perfect for anyone looking for a classic witch outfit, this costume comes with a full length dress and matching hat. Just add a broom to complete the look!

Pretty Potion Witch Costume for Women

Miss Matched Witch

Here’s another of our favourite spooky-cute witch costumes – Miss Matched Witch! Your little one will be anything but wicked in this adorable Halloween costume!

Miss Matched Witch Costume for Kids

Lil Witch

Looking for something a little spookier? Go for this Lil Witch costume – a classic witch costume that you can jazz up with stripey tights like these.

Lil Witch Costume for Kids

Wicked Witch

Or how about this wicked witch costume? Just add a witch hat and broom to this simple dress to complete your spooky look!

Wicked Witch Costume

Be Witched

Next up is another cute witch costume for toddlers – Be Witched! Just add a broom and this adorable costume will be complete!

Be Witched Witch Costume for Kids

 Wicked Cool Witch

This green and purple witch costume is perfect for teens and includes mismatched accessories for a funkier Halloween look.

Wicked Cool Witch Costume

Glamorous Witch Costume

Bring glamour to your Halloween party with this glamorous witch costume, or jazz it up with some stripey purple tights.

Glamorous Witch Costume

Spider Witch Costume

Last but not least is this cute spider witch costume! The perfect outfit for a fun night of trick or treating!

Spider Witch Costume

Easy witch face paint tutorial

Once you’ve chosen your witch costume, it’s time to add the finishing touches to your Halloween outfit! Watch our easy witch face painting tutorial to find out how to transform yourself into a wicked witch with green and black face paint with expert tips and tricks to make it look like your witch make-up was done by a professional!

Want more Halloween costume ideas? Head over to Party Delights to browse our full range of witch costumes, or stay on our blog:



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