Best Superhero Costumes of All Time

Best Superhero Costumes

Looking for a good superhero costume? Look no further!

We’ve rounded the best superhero costumes from to help you transform yourself from zero to hero in no time!

From classic Marvel superheroes to new kids on the block like Suicide Squad and Deadpool, read on for the best superhero costumes this side of Gotham City!

Harley Quinn

First up is Harley Quinn! The most iconic character from Suicide Squad, all you need is some red and blue hairspray to complete the outfit!

Harley Quinn Costume

The Joker

Next up is The Joker – the new version from Suicide Squad, that is! Complete this costume with white face paint and your creepiest glare!

The Joker Costume


How about going as Deadpool – the world’s favourite wise-cracking anti-hero? This Deadpool morphsuit takes zero effort – just add a sense of humour!

Deadpool Costume


Watch out Superman, it’s Batman! This Batman costume is inspired by the blockbuster movie Batman vs Superman and includes a muscular jumpsuit and iconic half-face mask. The ultimate superhero!

Batman Costume


If you’re after a classic superhero costume, Superman is your man! This Superman costume (inspired by the film Batman vs Superman) is one of our best superhero costumes and comes with an all-in-one jumpsuit and iconic red cape.

Superman Costume


Next up is your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man! This deluxe Spider-Man costume is everything you need to become the amazing Spider-Man (super speed and strength not included!)

Spider-Man Costume

Wonder Woman

Next up is another classic – Wonder Woman! If looking glam while you’re saving the world is your thing, then this Wonder Woman costume is for you.

Wonder Woman Costume

The Hulk

Want to make an entrance? Dress up in this official Hulk costume and paint your hands and face green. Then flex your muscles and practise your best Hulk smash!

The Hulk Costume


Or how about Wolverine – one of the most famous characters from the Marvel universe? This Wolverine costume is one of our favourite superhero costumes, and one of the less obvious ones, so it’s less likely there’ll be someone else wearing the same costume!

Wolverine Costume

The Flash

Some of the best superhero costumes are the retro ones! How about dressing up in this Flash costume?

The Flash Costume


Last but not least it’s She-Rah – the princess of power known for her incredible strength. This She-Rah costume comes with a dress, cape, arm cuffs, boot covers and a headpiece.

She-Rah Costume

And that’s our round-up of the best superhero fancy dress costumes!

Take a look at our full range of superhero fancy dress or stay on our blog for even more fancy dress ideas:



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