Banana Minions + Free Printable Minion Outfit

Minion Bananas

Ba ba ba ba ba nana! Ba ba ba ba ba nana!

If you’re crazy about minions, this is one awesome party food idea you have to try at home. Just look how cute they are!

Serve them at your Despicable Me themed kids’ party or if you know someone who’s obsessed with minions (and we’re not just talking about children here!), give them the gift of an adorable banana minion and they’ll love you forever.

Here’s what you need:

  • Bananas
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Our free printable minion outfit (download it below)


Banana Minions - What You Need

What to do:

Download our free printable minion outfit (we shrank the one we used to make a minion pumpkin at Halloween so that it fits a banana) and cut along the dotted lines.

If you’re doing this craft with kids, we recommend the grown-up does this part.

Banana Minions - Cut Out Our Free Printable

Once you’ve cut out our free printable minion outfit, simply stick it on your banana! Small to medium-sized bananas look the cutest and you can make as many as you like by printing out the minion outfit again and again.

They’re perfect for Despicable Me birthday parties (not to mention they’re healthy!) and if your child is a particularly big minion fan, you could even surprise them with a minion banana in their lunch box!

Banana Minions + Free Printable Minion Outfit

Banana Minions + Free Printable Minion Outfit

Now you know how to make minion bananas with our free printables, head over to Party Delights to pick up everything you need to throw a minion themed party to go with them!

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